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The Samsung Galaxy S6 against the Galaxy S5 should upgrade your phone?

The Galaxy S6 has already seen the light. It is one of two new models of high-end phones that Samsung has presented at the start of Mobile World Congress. The Galaxy S6 (normal screen, not curved) is the best of the Korean company to improve its image in terms of design and use of materials in phones. He has succeeded.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 against the Galaxy S5 should upgrade your phone?
The Samsung Galaxy S6 against the Galaxy S5 should upgrade your phone?

Design and measurements:
The Galaxy S6 represents, compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy S5, a change of air. It presents a fresh and refined design. It is higher than the Galaxy S5, narrower and thinner. It is also less heavy. The plastic is dead for the high-end Samsung. This new model has a whole body made of metal, in the style of Apple or HTC.

The new Galaxy has measures 143.3 x 70.8 x 6.9 mm and weighing 132 grams, while its predecessor boasts measures 142 x 72.5 x 8.1 mm and weighs 145 grams. The Galaxy S6 is then thirteen grams lighter than the Galaxy S5.

The interesting thing about the new measures is that Samsung has managed to adapt to these new dimensions a screen of 5.1 inches, ie, the same size as the Galaxy S5. Although in both mobile screen is the same size in the new phone integrate a higher resolution?

The Galaxy S5 had a good "display" Super AMBLED of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels with a density of 432 pixels per inch. The Galaxy S6 is set to the height of the Galaxy Note 4, which boasts a spectacular display. The new smartphone from Samsung has a Super AMBLED screen QuadHD 2560 x 1440 pixels with a density of 577 pixels per inch.

Processor and camera:
Samsung is leaving Communal Snapdragon chip with the Galaxy S6, and has decided to return to the Exons. This model integrates a Exynos 7420 eight-core, combined with 3GB RAM. According to performance tests by "Computer Base", this processor is a beast, that far exceeds its nearest competitors.

As for the camera, but maintains the improved 16MP lens aperture, which is now of f / 1.9. Also incorporates an optical image stabilizer, something that lacked the Galaxy S5, which in theory should improve stability in taking pictures and videos.

It loses ...
The Galaxy S6 has had to sacrifice some of the key aspects of Samsung. For example, the phone memory can not be expanded with microSD cards, as has happened so far. The mobile applies the model that Apple is already an expert: launch several models with different internal capacity, but closed. The Galaxy will enter S6 models: 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. Yes, like much, but for example, the Galaxy S5, a user could purchase the 16 GB version, but extend up to 128 GB with external cards. The Galaxy S6 lose that flexibility.

In line with the "flexibility" for the user is away from the battery. The phone includes a battery of 2,550 mAh, less amperage than the Galaxy S5 (2800 mAh). But it not only lost milamperios, but a battery that can not be removed.

Many users prefer the interchangeable battery Samsung because, instead of waiting to recharge the used battery, a load changed and there was no problem. Samsung wants to solve this problem and has enabled the Samsung S6 function ultra fast wireless charging. The battery charge in 10 minutes enough to use your mobile for four hours energy.

The other feature that loses is the IP67 certification, ie is no longer resistant to dust and water. This was one of the best features of the Galaxy S5 and loses his new brother. The mobile will no longer be submerged in water up to one meter of water for 30 minutes.


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