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The best phones with Windows Phone the moment

The current market for smartphones is cornered by Android and iOS, but Windows Phone continues to climb positions. The secret of its success terminals are cheap but with good looks, and an operating system that ensures that even the lowest possible hardware will fully fluid.

Here you can see the collection of the best Windows phones of the moment, divided into categories so that you easier to choose your terminal. All often share be made with polycarbonate premium house brand (resistant, interchangeable covers and in which fingerprints are not), with Clear Black display technology and cameras that even the low-end models take pictures better than anyone competition at the same price. Even Carl Zeiss optics and optical image stabilization have reached the mid-range Lumia 830.

Windows 10
After the summer will begin to get the upgrade to Windows 10, and is an update that Microsoft will all current phones with Windows Phone 8.1. No Lumia will be left behind and outdated.

Of course, since Microsoft ensure that phones with 512 MB may suffer a cut in the support some features, but are determined by concrete terminals rather than a limitation depending on the amount of memory on the phone.

The advantage of Windows Phone on Android is that the operating system allows a maximum advantage of the hardware, and in comparison, a terminal with "only" 512MB of RAM work as fluid as a 1GB Android phone. The difference lies in developing applications in C, a programming language optimized, Java against his feature "same code multiple platforms" has always weighed her performance.

The Lumia 532 is a pretty complete phone for the low end. With Windows Phone fluidity that provides this type of phones, with 1 GB of RAM and Snapdragon 200 processor has more than enough not to disappoint any user who wants a cheap phone for calls, surf the Internet, use WhatsApp and other tasks basic.

The best phones with Windows Phone the moment
The best phones with Windows Phone the moment

The camera has a good quality despite being 5 megapixels, and autonomy allows you to take a day with heavy use. It is a complete phone, without great fanfare but economic.

Lumia 532
Microsoft Lumia 532 (See complete file)

 Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 1 GB / 8 GB 4 '', 800 x 480 pixels (234 dpi) D 1560 mAh 118.9 x 65.5 x 11.6 mm Yes 5MP / VGA
amazon flag-ES99 EUR

The Lumia 630 is a great terminal with which to enjoy Windows Phone 8.1, with the most useful assistant Cortana and other improvements. It is a fluid terminal, and that being Windows Phone hardware works best with a "less" powerful. A great phone for beginner’s smartphones or Windows Phone.

It is quite ergonomic, has a design that I like Nokia, housing and high quality plastic comes in multiple colors (usual in the Finnish company). It is suitable for those who want a safe and secure terminal and access to the services of Microsoft. Currently has little to envy of Android or iOS.


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